COVID-19 : Free test to go abroad

As part of travel and cultural events, for those who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated and if the vaccination has not been refused, 2 PCR tests will be paid for by the INAMI (via an activation code) if made between June 28 and September 30 2021 (Sciensano, June 16, 2021). If you need to carry out additional PCR tests, these will be invoiced to you at the price of 50 €

How do I get the code for the test and how do I use it?

• Connect to the site

• Open your personal page by identifying yourself using an identity card reader or the itsme application

• If you are eligible for a free test, a button will allow you to request an activation code (Coronatest prescription code, or CTPC). This is made up of 16 letters / numbers and will be sent to you by SMS. This code is valid for 10 days

• Via the site, (insert "COVID 19 - Personal data") make an appointment for the nasopharyngeal sample by selecting "Make an appointment for a test based on an activation code"

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