As part of travel and cultural events, for those who have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated and if the vaccination has not been refused, 2 PCR tests will be paid for by the INAMI (via an activation code) if made between June 28 and September 30 2021 (Sciensano, June 16, 2021). If you need to carry out additional PCR tests, these will be invoiced to you at the price of 50 €

Results within 48h. Please contact the lab at earliest 36 hours after sampling, by this link. We will contact you shortly after your email Make an appointment

Most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be treated easily.

The new mySYNLAB app allows healthcare professionals and veterinarians to access the mySYNLAB protected site from their smartphone to view their patients' results, ask for a sample pickup and order sampling material.

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