About us

SYNLAB Belgium in a nutshell

The strong SYNLAB network made available to you and to your patients

SYNLAB is the leading medical diagnostic company in the Wallonia-Brussels region, with a growing presence in Flanders. Nearly 450 employees work daily to provide you with quality medical diagnostic services and a high-performance logistics service. A team of diagnostic specialists, doctors and biological pharmacists, anatomical pathologists, and veterinarians are at your disposal to advise and answer any question you might have. With its 5 medical laboratories (Heppignies, Liège, Brussels, Tournai and Arlon), one anatomical pathology laboratory (Greater Brussels region) and a network of over 250 blood collection points scattered throughout the country,  SYNLAB is always close to your practice.

SYNLAB a complete diagnostic offering

Human Medicine

  • Clinical biology – A modern, automated infrastructure for performing the full range of clinical biological tests;
  • Anatomical pathology – Cytological and histological analyses performed in the shortest possible time;
  • Nutritional and functional biology – A large range of specialised nutrition tests for a predictive, preventative and personalised medicine.

Veterinary Medicine

  • A complete range of general and specialised veterinary tests for all species;

SYNLAB is always close to your practice

Vision, mission and values





  • Antonio Di Cintio – Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Henri Pirenne – Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr Pascale Hansen – Head of the Veterinary Laboratory
  • Etienne Barbieux - Chief Operating Officer
  • Florence Discry – Director of Human Resources
  • Andrés Calvas - Chief Financial Officer
  • Nadim Azar - Head of Heppignies Laboratory


Heads of laboratories

  • Dr Pierre Van Hoorde – Head of SYNLAB Flanders
  • Dr Henri Pirenne – Head of Liège Laboratory
  • Nadim Azar - Head of Heppignies Laboratory
  • Dr Pascale Hansen – Head of the Veterinary Laboratory
  • Dr Raymonde Gérard - Head of Anatomical Pathology Laboratory

The SYNLAB group

The SYNLAB group is the largest European medical diagnostic group, leader in diagnostic services in Europe. Thanks to its wide network of laboratories and range of diagnostic tests, SYNLAB offers proximity services with optimal reliability in more than 40 countries.

  • 40 countries across 4 continents
  • > 20 000 employees
  • 500 million laboratory tests per year in Europe
  • > 4000 analytic factors (human, veterinary and environmental laboratory medicine)

SYNLAB Belgium SRL | Avenue Alexander Fleming, 3 - 6220 Heppignies | Téléphone : (067) 89 54 32 | TVA: BE 0453 111 546